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We're Here to Help You!

Helping the Homeless However We Can!

We often help the "Run-aways," and we sometimes help the "Stow-aways," but we always help the "Throw-aways." The "Run-aways," who are the strongest, have the most resilience and seem be able to accomplish their goals quickly. The R in Run-away means Resilience. They don't need our free food or free clothes or free stuff for very long.

The “Stow-aways” are sadly hidden away and are vulnerable, invisible, voiceless, and isolated. The S in Stow-away means Sadness. They usually are not able to reach out to us for help; we have to find them. We are sad that we can't help more of them.

The "Throw-aways" are the ones nobody wants hanging around. We are grateful to God that He has placed us in a position to help the throw-aways. The T in Throw-away means Together. We give them free food and free clothes and free everything, and they stick around! We also stand next to them and guide them, and they become part of our Team. Together we figure out ways that we can move forward as a Team and help others.

What do all the Run-aways, Stow-aways, and Throw-aways have in common?  Loneliness. I think we have an epidemic of loneliness because of many reasons. We can't snuggle with them, but we can share a free healthy meal with them, and we have lots of possible new friends that could meet them during our Free Everything events (lots of free stuff, even water). Maybe our hospitality team can shave off like 5 % of the loneliness. This is a start, because some people don't even have any eye contact with other people for days, even weeks. At the Shepherd's Office in Georgetown, we can work on the loneliness epidemic together! Let's team up today and fight loneliness. Let’s not let people fight it alone anymore!

We lean on God's forgiveness and God's love. In other words, every person who drops by is very important to us, and we do fail sometimes because of our own weaknesses and shortcomings. But "as a whole," our Team members and I are here at the Shepherd's Office during most days ready to welcome the newcomers reaching out for help. Thank you, God, for calling us to be helpers of your children. We are super grateful to be in a position to help. Please give us your wisdom and your strength. Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving us humans.

Here are times that we can all be together.  On Monday through Friday we have a free dinner from 4pm to 6pm. And on Wednesdays and Fridays we have a Bible Study that starts after dinner at 6pm! We also have a Free Everything Yard Sale every day from 10 to 3 if the weather permits us! Jim Martin, Director 302 858 8556 Shepherd's Office 408 N. Bedford Street Georgetown DE 19947 Please share!

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