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Requesting Your Support

Make a Difference

Good Morning and Happy Thursday everyone! The Shepherd’s Office volunteers are trying to lend a hand with two special cases this morning.


1st Case          We have a woman who struggles with depression and anxiety and is in great need of a safe place to stay. This young lady is traumatized by the tragic loss of a sister and the death of her parents. She lost her core family. She has some limitations that would not allow her to stay in a tent. She has a part time job and is hoping for her hours to increase as the holidays draw near, but in the meantime she is putting in applications in an attempt to gain more income.

She is staying at a local hotel, but her time there is up. She paid for last night and is now broke again until payday. We are asking for contributions in any amount toward the cost of her room.

In the meantime, she has applied for several local programs including the Pallet Houses. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN HELP. Thank you for helping those who need a hand up.

2nd Case         We have some homeless people who are “car dwellers.” They have a vehicle and work, but their paycheck is not enough to secure housing and set up a place to live, especially as the cost of living continues to rise. They live and sleep in their cars, but it is getting cold. They need to have some heat and keep some extra gas as they navigate their homeless lifestyle in search of a safe place to park and sleep where they won’t get fined. Having a gas card would allow them to run the car at different times during the night to have heat and be warm. A number of our car dwellers work at the chicken plant, Walmart, and various jobs where they do lifting & require good rest to perform at their best.

Can you donate gas cards in any amount? Tax donation receipts will be provided to you if you’d like.

Thank you in advance for helping!!

Cash app: $shepherdsoffice

Checks: Shepherds Office, Inc.

408 N. Bedford St.

Georgetown, DE 19947

Signing Check

Thank you for all your help!

Special Cases: Donate
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