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 There are some special needs families that could use your help. None of these families in current need is there because of irresponsible behavior, drugs, alcohol, or legal issues. These families are struggling because of life’s struggles and are in need of a HAND UP.

 Family #1—This family of three consists of a mother, father, one child, and another due in the next month. The father has recently switched jobs, and the family is short $350 on its rent. All of the other bills are current and in order, but if anyone could send a donation of any amount for this family, it would make a huge difference.

Family #2—This family of seven consists of a mother, father, and five children. Mom recently underwent a major surgery and was not able to work while recovering. Dad is still working full time, but his income alone makes it difficult to make ends meet. They also all recently moved into their forever home and are still in need of help to switch the gas into their name, which must be done in the next week.  If anyone can help donate or would like more details on how to help more, please call Greta at the Shepherd’s Office.

Family #3—A husband and wife have lost their home because of extensive water damage. The floor of their mobile home fell in after a water leak ran nonstop when they were out of town. The wife works as a full-time nurse, but the husband is currently unable to work and waiting for Disability. The couple has burned through all of its savings; the wife's income now just pays for the motel fees where they are staying, especially given the high summer rates. Their family is out of state, and they want to stay grounded here in Delaware and rebuild their lives. Can anyone help this family? Do you know anyone renting a house or apartment? Can you donate gas cards for the wife to get back and forth?

Family #4—This is a single man who works full-time hours and sometimes overtime at Perdue (where he has been for over 12 years) while also volunteering at the Shepherd’s Office several days per week. He was forced to move from his previous residence and now is searching for a place or a room to rent. He has money saved up and is a clean, quiet, trustworthy man. Does anyone have or know someone with a small apartment or room for rent in the town of Georgetown (because he does not drive and has walked to work for years)?




OFFICE 302-858-4547

GRETA CELL 302-841-2552 (If no answer, please text)


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Thank you for all your help!

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