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June 2024

Here are some special needs families that could use your help. None of these families in current need is there because of irresponsible behavior, drugs, alcohol, or legal issues. These families are struggling because of life’s struggles and are in need of a HAND UP.

Case #1 

A single young lady who resides in a sober living environment has recently gotten employed, but has not received her first check yet. Since she completed rehab and moved into the house, she has already used some of the traditional funding but still has a $300 debt. We want to give her a running start and hopefully help her get caught up so that she can be self supportive going forward. 

Case #2

A family has recently moved into a new apartment and furniture is being provided, but there are a few specific things still being requested. We understand the list is lengthy, but all funds have been used up with moving in. Please let me know if you can help w/anything. 

Kitchen: cooking utensils, cookie sheet, coffee pot & filters, dishes, pots & pans, crock pot, glasses & cups, electric frying pan, pot holders, basket for groceries that can be taken on a bus, tablecloth, trash bags, trash can, dish towels, wall clock.

Cleaning Supplies: laundry detergent, bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizer, broom, mop.

Misc. Towels & washcloths, curtains & rods, sheets sets for queen sized bed, alarm clocks, deep freezer, TV. 






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